The Bipolar Cycle

In the artwork “The Bipolar Cycle,” we explore the rollercoaster of emotions experienced by those with bipolar disorder. The painting portrays the journey from manic highs to depressive lows, ultimately leading to recovery and stability.

On the top side of the canvas, we see a burst of vibrant energy symbolizing mania. It’s like a fireworks display coming from the person’s head. This represents the intense highs and boundless optimism that come with mania.

On the right side, you witness a person descending into a profound state of depression. The person falls, showing deep sadness and feeling incredibly hopeless, which often happens with depression. It’s a time when the world seems empty and lonely.

The hand reaching out to the person on the right side and guiding them back to the normal lifeline you can see on the left side symbolizes the journey from depression back to normalcy. It’s a long and challenging path to recovery.

Formaat: 150 x 100cm

Prijs: € 1699,-