Patato heads

Patato heads

This remarkable piece of art marks the inception of a captivating style that emerged through weeks of devoted drawing and unwavering perseverance. It stands as a testament to the power of artistic exploration and the beauty that can be found in the process.

During the depths of profound despair, when it feels like everything within you has been stripped away, there is a void where emotions used to reside. It is as if a dark cloud has enveloped your very being, leaving behind a sense of emptiness and an absence of creativity.

But over time, like the slow reawakening of nature after a long winter, fragments of your former self begin to resurface. The colors that once seemed faded and distant start to regain their vibrancy, breathing life into the canvas of your existence. Through art, you find a channel to express the myriad emotions and experiences that define who you are.

Formaat: 60x60 cm
Prijs: € 195,-

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