Order and Chaos

Within the realm of my mind, a perpetual dance unfolds between order and chaos. It is an intricate balancing act, requiring constant effort to keep the two in harmony. In moments of stability, there is a delicate equilibrium, where order prevails over chaos, and thoughts find their rightful place. Yet, even in these tranquil times, the battle to preserve this equilibrium persists, as the forces of chaos constantly threaten to disrupt the delicate balance.

Fortunately, I have discovered tools and strategies that enable me to navigate this internal landscape with greater ease. By employing these techniques, I can transform the chaos into order, unraveling the tangled threads of my thoughts and emotions. Through organization, mindfulness, and self-awareness, I can bring clarity to the chaos, restoring a sense of control and serenity to my mind. With these invaluable tools at my disposal, I am equipped to navigate the complexities of my inner world and find solace amidst the turbulence.

Formaat: 150 x 100cm

Prijs: € 1699,-