Venus, Jupiter en Mercurius

Dutch art Competition “The New Vermeer”

In the summer of 2022, I made the decision to participate in the prestigious art competition “The New Vermeer.” This competition was broadcast on NPO as part of the program “Omroep MAX.” Driven by my passion for art and inspired by the grandeur of the old masters, I decided to enroll in the art competition “The New Vermeer.” I envisioned what it would be like to create an impressive artwork that would not only showcase my skills as an artist but also become a timeless and meaningful creation. I approached it with a blank slate, with the primary goal of creating a beautiful piece of art to hang on my wall.

With determination and dedication, I embarked on my artistic journey. I chose the painting “Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury” to be the subject of my own creation. Vermeer’s artwork pays homage to the gods of ancient mythology and reflects my fascination with classical themes and stories. The artwork took shape in my mind, and slowly it began to manifest itself on the canvas.

To bring my vision to life, I decided to delve into the techniques that the famous master Vermeer used to create his paintings. I took an immersive masterclass where I learned about his subtle lighting effects, rich color palette, and precise brushstrokes. It was an inspiring journey through the history of art, and I knew this knowledge would help me refine my own work.

Over three intense months, I worked tirelessly on “Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury.” Every detail received my full attention, and every brushstroke was deliberate. My passion for the work grew as the artwork came to life, gradually revealing the emotion and meaning I had infused into it.

As the day of the evaluation approached, I felt a mixture of excitement and healthy anticipation. My creation had become a reflection of my soul and my artistic journey. I submitted it with the hope that it would tell its own story and leave an impression on the jury.

And it happened. To my disbelief and joy, I received the news that I had made it to the finals. Out of over a hundred talented candidates, only thirty were selected as finalists, and my artwork was one of them. I felt a deep sense of satisfaction and gratitude, knowing that my passion and dedication were recognized.

The entire journey was a beautiful experience, filled with growth and artistic discoveries. It was an honor to present my work in the finals of “The New Vermeer.” Regardless of the final outcome, I feel enriched by what I have learned and created, and I am determined to further develop my artistry and continue to strive for new artistic heights.

Formaat: 120 x 100cm

Prijs: € 1599,-